The Lord’s Day

                July 12th, 2020

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Hymn #177 “There’s Just Something About that Name” 


Prayer Time


Scripture Reading


Isaiah 9:6-7                                                  George Carpenter                                                                           


Hymn #4 “To God  Be the Glory” (1,2)


Hymn #227 “Praise Him! Praise Him!” (1,2)


“Isn’t He”


Isn’t He beautiful? Beautiful, isn’t He?

Prince of Peace, Son of God, isn’t He?

Isn’t He wonderful? Wonderful, isn’t He?

Counselor, Almighty God.

Isn’t He, isn’t He, isn’t He?


Yes, You are beautiful. Beautiful, yes, You are.

Prince of Peace, Son of God, yes, You are.

Yes, You are wonderful.  Wonderful, yes, You are.

Counselor, Almighty God.

Yes, You are. Yes, You are. Yes, You are.

“Jesus, We Crown You With Praise”


Jesus, we crown You with Praise. Jesus, we crown You with praise.

We love and adore You, bow down before You.

Jesus, we crown You with praise.


“More of Thee and Less of Me”


More of thee and less of me,

More of sacrifice and purity.

That I can be a vessel of Your victory, oh Lord of love.

More of Thee and less of me, 

More forgiveness and humility, 

Less of self and more of Calvary.

Lord, more of Thee, oh Lord more of Thee


Prayer for the Children


Message                                                         Pastor Bill Sutton


Hymn of Invitation


Hymn #275 “I Surrender All” 






Closing Hymn

Closing Hymn #386 "The Family of God"

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