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On This Sunday in History.....

"General Andrew faced overwhelming odds. Arrayed against him were hordes of Persians. As a secret Christian and the leading soldier of third century Syria, Andrew had made a deliberate choice to imitate the Bible hero Gideon, who selected only 300 men to challenge a mighty coalition of Israel's enemies. Andrew went up against the Persians with just 1,000 hand-picked men. As the moment of battle drew near, he revealed to his men why he had chosen this odd course of action.

He hoped to convert his best men to Christianity by showing them the hand of God. "This is the right time for you to come to a full knowledge of God in heaven," he said, adding that the gods of the pagans were really demons. "My God, the one who made heaven and earth, is the true God." 

He promised that God would help those who call upon him. Yes, the enemy was great and had won many battles in the past. "But come on, put aside your error, call, with me, upon him who is truly God, and you will see your foes dead and driven away before you, like smoke or like dust from the threshing-floor."

Andrew led his men in prayer. Completely convinced by his words, the small force made a bold charge and put the Persians to flight. The victory seemed so supernatural that the entire group believed. All 1,000 joined Andrew in spreading the gospel."


-“Andrew: Soldier, Hero, Martyr.” Christianity.com, www.christianity.com/church/church-history/timeline/301-600/andrew-soldier-hero-martyr-11629632.html.

Our Mission


As a church, our mission is to glorify Jesus Christ through the growing of a New Testament Church whose goal is to make sinners into saints and saints into soldiers who will make a Godly impact on McAllen/Edinburg and the world.


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